Ertacetal C

Ertacetal® C (Acetron® GP) is Dotmar's trade name for general purpose, porosity-free, copolymer acetal manufactured by Quadrant EPP. Quadrant has invested in advanced process technology that provides the performance and machinability of acetal without centre core porosity.

Ertacetal® C (acetal rod, acetal sheet and acetal tube) is a semi-crystalline material with high strength, a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties especially in wet environments (resistance to hydrolysis). Ertacetal® C natural is FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A Dairy compliant.

    Key Benefits:

        High mechanical strength

        Dimensional stability

        Excellent machinability

        Good creep resistance

        Very low stick-slip

        Physiologically inert

        Low moisture absorption


        Precision gears

        Bearings with close tolerance

        Electrical engineering insulations

        Snap fit assemblies

       Parts which operate in water up to 90 C    


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