Polystone P CubX UV

A leap forward in rectangular tank construction, Polystone P CubX features an internal rectangular cube structure welded to two Polystone P sheets, which form the surface of a CubX sheet. This unique structure enables Polystone P Cubx to allow for fast, safe and efficient fabrication of truly strong rectangular tanks. Testing has even observed that a 57mm CubX sheet has the same strength and stiffness as one 35mm Polypropylene sheet, but is half the weight. Polystone P CubX UV has the possesses the added benefit of being UV resistant, making it ideal for outdoor environments.


- Rectangular tanks (galvanising plants, steel picking plants, sewage technology, cleaning systems, purifications systems, tank fittings)
- Lids and partitions for round tanks
- Enclosures for ventilation systems
- Retrofitting and repair of older rectangular tanks

Key benefits:

- UV resistant
- Lightweight and easy to handle
- Easy to weld
- Reduces the need for steel reinforcements by up to 100%
- Offers good thermal insulation
- Great impact resistance
- Excellent chemical resistance
- High longitudinal and transverse stiffness
- Increases process safety as leaks accumulate locally

Availability: Sheet

Colour: White

Sheet thickness: 57mm

Sheet dimensions: 2000mm x 1500mm


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