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  • toilet partitioning and public change rooms
    FDA Compliant
    Free from heavy metals
  • toilet partitioning and public change rooms
    Laboratory & Benchtop
    Longlasting timber replacement

Health, Medical & Science

Dotmar offer an extensive range of medical grade plastics that meet strict FDA and USP Class IV requirements. Designed specifically for the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors, these medical grade thermoplastics will replace existing solutions made of stainless steel, titanium, glass or ceramics. Medical grade plastics reduce weight and are commonly more resistant to sterilisation methods, offer anti-static performance and resistance to high energy radiation.

What Medical grade means?

With Medical grade (MG) materials, a product range is at your disposal that has been especially developed with medical technology in mind.


The raw materials of our plastics are FDA-compliant and free from heavy metals.

Chemical resistance

Good chemical resistance to various conventional disinfectants and cleaners.

FDA compatibility

The majority of our high performance materials meet FDA requirements.

Hydrolysis resistance

Excellent hydrolysis resistance is indispensable for sterilisability for hot steam.

High-performance plastics

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  • Polystone® P MG Open or Close

    Polystone® P MG is the youngest member of the family of medical materials from Roechling Industrial. Alongside very good hot-steam sterilisability, this unrivalled material features very good machinability and excellent resistance to chemicals. Biocompatibility tests verifying compliance with USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 offer crucial assistance when selecting materials in preparation for the approval of a medical product. Polystone® P MG contains a special heat ageing stabilizer, greatly enhancing its capacity for steam sterilisation at 134oC as compared with standard polypropylene.

Due to the high product costs, hospitals and doctor's offices re-use a multitude of apparatus components and instruments. Riskless re-use presupposes a safe method to kill off all micro-organisms on the surface of this equipment. Accordingly, an essential aspect for selecting the suitable plastic for a medical-technology application is also the requirement for cleaning, repeated disinfection and sterilisation of the product.

The use of specialised, medical grade plastics offers the following advantages:

  • Increased security, Biocompatibility tested and certified
  • Life Science grades portfolio
  • Resistance to most common cleaning and sterilisation methods
  • Full traceability from raw material to stock shape

Reduce Time to Market

  • Certification according to regulatory standards saves time for testing
  • Extensive technical know-how and support from development to market

Cost reduction

  • Shorter development time using pre-certified products
  • Improved performance
  • Better and faster machining in comparison to stainless steel and other materials
  • Value in use

Increased Production Speed

  • Improved wear performance in un-lubricated conditions
  • Lower weight which leads to lower inertia forces
  • Higher output
  • Lower in-use noise level versus metals

Dental / Medical

  • Biotechnology / Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Processing / Packaging
  • MediTECH Mfg. Now ISO 13485 Compliant

For material Certificates and Biocompatibility Compliance please contact us.

Typical Medical Grade Plastic Applications:

  • Dental
  • Dental Instruments and grips
  • Dental drilling and suction equipment
  • Isolating parts and healing caps
  • Surgical Instruments and Supplies
  • Fixator equipment
  • Surgical grips
  • Targeting devices
  • Isolating parts
  • Endoscopic equipment
  • Minimal invasive products
  • Pharmaceutical Processing and Packaging
  • Applications for tablet production
  • Sliding and wear applications for pharmaceutical handling and packaging
  • Filling and dosing equipment for pharmaceuticals
  • Sealing and handling for blister packaging
  • Mixing equipment for cremes and ointments
  • Analytical and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Trays
  • Centrifuges
  • DNA probe analysers
  • Transport and sliding parts
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Radiation and ultrasound equipment
  • X-Ray and MRI devices
  • Biotechnology and Laboratory Equipment
  • Screening process
  • Bio reactors
  • Nozzles, adapters, caps
  • Optics and Lenses