Timber Replacement

Plastic sheet products such as NUVEX and UNIBOARD are ideal timber replacement, construction materials and outperform marine ply, plywood and construction materials in strength, improved lifespan, weight and cost reduction.

Benefits of Plastic Vs Timber:

  • Lightweight - Uniboard is 10% lighter than most plywood and marine ply counterparts, 30% lighter than cement and more than 200% lighter than steel
  • Resistant to environmental decay - will not rot, swell, splinter or degrade
  • Durable, scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Excellent thermal and insulation properties
  • Cost effective
  • Overall very economical to produce
  • Long life cycle reduces long term costs
  • Minimised maintenance - no painting required
  • Hygienic / Easy to clean / Dirt doesn't penetrate
  • Easy to mould, shape and form (can be cut, routered, drilled and mechanically fastened)
  • Environmentally sound
  • Manufactured from recycled content
  • 100 % Recyclable at the end of service
  • Outperforming marine ply
    No rotting, swelling, splintering or degrading


UNIBOARD is a revolutionary lightweight, strong and durable thermoplastic with a solid, virgin outer skin and lightweight foam core.

Applications for Uniboard Timber Replacement Materials:

Battery boxes, stabling, partitioning, kennel/dog house flooring, pallets, concrete formwork, caravan and bus flooring

For more information, please visit the Dotmar Agricultural Plastic website www.dotmaragricultural.com.au

NUVEX is a family of products suitable for the replacement of tradition construction products like MDF, Plywood, Marine ply and Laminates in applications such as sanitary or toilet partitioning, cabinetry and outdoor recreational areas. NUVEX is ideally suited to applications were sunlight, high moisture, graffiti and impact resistance are required.


Applications for NUVEX Timber Replacement Materials:

  • Sanitary, toilet partitioning
  • Cabinetry, shower stalls, cubicles, playground equipment, benches, seating, signage, pool grating

For more information, please visit the NUVEX website www.nuvex.com.au