Plastic Fabrication

If you are equipped with a design idea and can provide detailed drawings then our Dotmar fabrication team can assist you. We can also, when necessary, create detailed drawings as part of our service.

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our plastic fabricators to properly understand their needs and to supply application engineered solutions using advanced engineering thermoplastic materials.

If you require a Tank or large cylindrical vessel manufactured then rest assure that Dotmar's fabricator partners are DVS qualified to ensure that your plastic chemical storage vessel is manufactured to German guidelines for tank fabrication in relation to design and individual weld certification.

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    Tanks designed & manufactured according to European standards
  • Plastic fabrication
    European standards DVS 2205 or EN 12573

What is DVS?

DVS is a technical-scientific non-profit-making society with its headquarters in Düsseldorf Germany. Its purpose is to promote welding and allied processes for the benefit of the general public to ensure a safe working environment. It sets standards for research and development, training and ongoing training, examination, certification, quality assurance, advice and assessment, technology transfer, standardisation, safety at work and health protection as well as environmental and resource protection.

Dotmar's partner fabricators can:

  • Fully designed and manufactured according to European standards, DVS 2205 or EN 12573, for safety and longevity
  • Robotically weld seams to full penetration for long-term tank and vessel strength
  • Custom sizing: 1,000 to 60,000 litre capacity
  • Certify up to 50 year known life

Applications for Fabricated Plastics include:

  • Chemical storage vessels
  • Chemical dosing tanks
  • Plastic machine guards
  • Chemical processing and water treatment components
  • Air purification piping