Paper and Pulp Industry

Dotmar is a leading supplier of engineering plastic stock shapes and machined plastic components to the Paper Industry. Dotmar has serviced the Pulp and Paper industry for over 40 years and offers a broad range of Paper Industry solutions across the entire paper machine.

Paper Industry components are available from Dotmar in glass filled UHMWPE (Polystone 8000), silicon nitride, silicon carbide and various ceramic grades. Dewatering elements offered by Dotmar include ceramic and plastic foils, ceramic and plastic covers, Uhle box covers and UHMWPE doctor blades and bearings.

A partnership and distribution agreement with Rochling Leripa Papertech enables Dotmar to ensure it remains a world leading supplier of wear parts to the paper industry. Rochling Leripa is a business that devotes itself to the wet end of paper manufacturing in applications such as cleaner cones, headbox vanes, gravity box foils, suction box foils, suction box strips and covers and carbon suction roll seals. Products such as t-bars, deckles, rod beds and wear strips are also available.

Rochling Leripa Papertech offers the most comprehensive product range, backed by extensive research and development in conjunction with world leaders in paper technology. This partnership allows the highest quality manufacturing methods and technologies to be shared across the entire industry.

Rochling Leripa Products offered by Dotmar for Paper and Pulp include:


The highest quality UHMWPE, which is worldwide the Number 1 choice for the paper industry when it comes to thermoplastics used for dewatering elements, doctor blades, suction roll seals, forming boards and suction box covers.


ROBACERAM Ceramic dewatering elements areproviding high quality due to the special interlocking system.


Speeds of up to 800m/min entire wire section

Speeds of up to1,200 m/min from the forming board to the water line

Vacufoils &formers, flat suction units with a higher filler content

Special feature

Useful ceramic thickness of up to 8 mm


The latest development for metering rod beds which offer outstanding performance with regards to life expectancy and friction. Used for coating and sizing units or beds. Rods available in chromium and ceramic


Suction roll seals which are specified to fulfil all requirements of the latest high-speed paper machines and providing maximum safety for the suction roll shells of all paper machines. Offering a complete package of sealing strip, tubes and holders made out of FRP (fibre-reinforced polymer).


Headbox valves are essential elements for good formation and perfect performance in a headbox. Leripa headbox valves offer high stability and chemical resistance.


Non-UHMWPE parts are used for applications ranging from constant parts to finishing in coating stations.