Plastic Properties Tables

  • Wear Resistance of PlasticsOpen or Close

    The rating that appears in this table refers to the wear properties of the material in a bearing or bush application, and is normally tested using a Pin-on-Disc wear test. It should be noted that this data does not refer to the abrasion properties of the material, which is normally tested by using a Sand-Slurry test, which provides the abrasion resistance of the material when particles rub or slide over the material. The plastic wear resistance chart ranks our materials out of 20 = best wearing. This comparison is done at ambient conditions. It is important to note that at elevated Temp different products may perform differently in respect to the ranking shown here. Refer to Dotmar technical staff for assistance.

    Product Product Type Value
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester20
    Techtron HPV PPSPS Polyphenylene Sulphide20
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide20
    Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone20
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide19
    Nylatron 703XLNylon19
    Ketron PEEK-100PEEK Polyetheretherketone19
    ErtalytePETP Polyester19
    Orkot C320 TLGOrkot19
    Orkot TLM (Marine)Orkot19
    Ertalon LFXNylon18
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole18
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone18
    Nylatron 703XLNylon18
    Orkot TXM (low friction)Orkot17
    Nylatron GSMNylon17
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone17
    Nylatron GSNylon17
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide17
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon16
    Ertalon 6SANylon16
    Ertalon 66SANylon16
    Ertalon 6PLANylon16
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon16
    Nylatron MC901Nylon16
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon15
    Ertacetal CAcetal14
    Polystone MatroxPE Polyethylene14
    Orkot C321 TLOrkot13
    Tetron HGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene10
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene8
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene10
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene10
    Tetron BLPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene10
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene12
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene12
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene12
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene12
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene12
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene12
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene12
    Polystone P7000ASTPE Polyethylene12
    Polystone FenderPE Polyethylene12
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride7
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene7
    Polystone PG100PE Polyethylene6
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene6
    PlaytecPE Polyethylene6
    Trovidure EN PVCPolyvinylchloride4
    Polystone PPPP Polypropylene4
    UniboardTimber ReplacementNA
    PolycarbonatePC PolycarbonateNA
    Polycarbonate HardPC PolycarbonateNA
    PEI-1000PEI PolyetherimideNA
    PSU-1000PSU PolysulphoneNA
    PPSU 1000PSSU PolysulphoneNA

  • Chemical ResistanceOpen or Close

    This comparative index should be considered only as roughly indicative. There are too many variables including chemical type, concentration, temperature and contact time. Even the internal stress level of plastic parts can influence the degree of Chemical Resistance and your choice of material. Inorganic Acids, bases and salts are used in a variety of concentrations, as mixtures, or on their own. For pure solutions and mixtures the pH value of the solution is a reliable tool when assessing the chemical resistance of semi-crystalline plastics. Specific Chemical Resistance information and charts are available – Please contact your local Dotmar branch for more information 1800 170 001. 20 = best resistance.

    Product Product Type Value
    Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron HGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene18
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene18
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone17
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone17
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone17
    Ketron EEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone17
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride16
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide16
    PlaytecPE Polyethylene13
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene13
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene13
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene13
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene13
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene13
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene13
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene13
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene13
    Polystone PPPP Polypropylene13
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene13
    Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride12
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
    Ertacetal CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
    Ertaylte TXPETP Polyester9
    Duratron PBIPETP Polyester9
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPBI Polybenzimidazole8
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide8
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide8
    Ertalon 4.6PAI Polyamide-imide8
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon7
    Ertalon 6PLANylon7
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon7
    Ertalon LFXNylon7
    Nylatron 703XLNylon7
    Nylatron GSNylon7
    Nylatron GSMNylon7
    Nylatron MC901Nylon7
    PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide7
    PPSU-1000PPSU Polyphenylenesulphone7
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone7
    Ertalon 6SANylon6
    PolycarbontePC Polycarbonate2

  • Coefficient of FrictionOpen or Close

    The coefficient of friction of a material is the measure of the sliding resistance of a material over another material. In the case of thermoplastics the mating part is normally steel. When multiplying the co-efficient of friction by the perpendicular force between the two mating sliding faces, this result is the force required to slide the components across each other. Our ranking compares this "surface slipperiness" across our range of materials and is important when selecting products for use in dynamic applications.

    Product Product Type Value
    PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.06
    Polystone MatroxPE Polyethylene0.08  0.1
    Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.11
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.12
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.12
    Orkot TXM (low friction)Orkot0.12
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.13
    Tetron BLPTFE PolytetrafluoroethyleneNA
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.15
    Orkot C320 TLGOrkot0.15
    Orkot TLM (Marine)Orkot0.15
    Nylatron 703XLNylon0.16
    Polystone PG100PE Polyethylene0.15
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester0.25
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene0.15
    Ertalon LFXNylon0.47
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene0.1...0.15
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene0.18
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene0.2
    Polystone 7000ASTPE Polyethylene0.2
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene0.1...0.15
    Polystone FendePE Polyethylene0.18
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene0.15
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene0.22
    ErtalytePETP Polyester0.29
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene0.22
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene0.22
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide0.25
    Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone0.38
    Nylatron GSNylon0.3
    Nylatron GSMNylon0.55
    Ertacetal CAcetal0.42
    Nylatron MC901Nylon0.35
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone0.35
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone0.35
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone0.43
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon0.35
    Ertalon 6SANylon0.61
    Ertalon 6PLANylon0.35
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride0.18
    Ertalon 66SANylon0.41
    Ertalon 4.6NylonNA
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide0.35
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole0.35
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide0.35
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAITFE Polytetrafluoroethylene0.35
    Ertalon 66GF-30NylonNA
    PPSU-1000PPSU PolyphenylenesulphoneNA
    Polystone PPPP PolypropyleneNA
    PSU-1000PSU PolysulphoneNA
    PEI-1000PEI PolyetherimideNA
    Tetron HGPTFE PolytetrafluoroethyleneNA
    Polycarbonate HardPC PolycarbonateNA
    Trovidure EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride0.2...0.3
    Polycarbonate UVXPC PolycarbonateNA
    Orkot C321 TLOrkotNA
    UniboardTimber ReplacementNA

  • Operating TemperatureOpen or Close

    This can be measured in two categories (a) short time exposure (a few hours) and (b) continuous use over a period of 5000 /20,000 hours. Our index compares material performance in category (b). After these periods there is a decrease in tensile strength compared to original value. As with all thermoplastics the maximum service temperature also depends on the duration and magnitude of mechanical stresses on the material in application.

    Product Product Type Value
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole310
    Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron HGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene260
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide250
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide250
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone250
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone250
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone250
    Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone250
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide250
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide220
    PPSU-1000PPSU Polyphenylenesulphone180
    PEI-1000PEI Polyretherimide170
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone150
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon150
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride150
    Polystone PPPP Polypropylene130
    PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate125
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon120
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon120
    ErtalytePETP Polyester115
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester115
    Ertacetal CAcetal115
    Nylatron 703XLNylon105
    Nylatron GSMNylon105
    Nylatron MC901Nylon105
    Ertalon LFXNylon105
    Ertalon 6PLANylon105
    Ertalon 66SANylon95
    Nylatron GSNylon95
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene90
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene90
    Ertalon 6SANylon85
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene80
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene80
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene80
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene80
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene80
    Leisuretec/PlaytecPE Polyethylene80
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene80
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene80
    Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride60

  • Impact ResistanceOpen or Close

    Our comparison index on Impact Resistance ranks the materials out of 20 = best. The performance comparison is done at the 'most unfavourable' conditions for each material. In practice this may be harsh on some of the rankings. Impact strength decreases with decreasing service temperature. The minimum service temperature in turn being limited by the extent to which the material is subjected to Impact. Therefore materials ranked differently here at their minimum service temperature may rank very similarly for impact at their maximum service temperature in normal conditions.

    Product Product Type Value
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene
    UniboardTimber Replacement20
    Polystone PPPP Polypropylene20
    Polystone PG100PE Polyethylene20
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene20
    PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate20
    Nylatron MC901Nylon20
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene20
    Polycarbonate Hardcoat XXPC Polycarbonate20
    Polystone FenderPE Polyethylene20
    Polystone MatroxPE Polyethylene20
    Polystone P7000ASTPE Polyethylene20
    Ertalon 6SANylon19
    Orkot C321 TLOrkot19
    Orkot C320 TLGOrkot19
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene20
    Ertalon 66SANylon18
    Orkot TLM (Marine)Orkot18
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene12
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene18
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene18
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon17
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide17
    Orkot TXM (low friction)Orkot17
    Ertalon 6XAU+PE Polyethylene17
    Ertalon 6PLANylon17
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene17
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene16
    Nylatron GSMNylon16
    Nylatron MC901Nylon20
    Nylatron GSNylon15
    Nylatron 703XLNylon12
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon14
    Ertalon LFXNylon14
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon13
    Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide12
    PPSU-1000PPSU Polyphenylenesulphone11
    PlaytecPE Polyethylene11
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene11
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone10
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone9
    Katron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone10
    PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide10
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone10
    Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride>4
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride20
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole10
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide17
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide10
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide10
    Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone4
    Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron HGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene8
    Ertacetal CAcetal8
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene7
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene9
    Tetron BLPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene6
    ErtalytePETP Polyester4
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester4

  • MachinabilityOpen or Close

    The index is a nominal ranking out of 20 = best. Different machining processes using CNC or Manual metal-working or wood-working machinery is suitable for most thermoplastics. Because of the poor thermal conductivity and low melting point of thermoplastics heat generation must be kept to a minimum. Points to note:

    • Machining Forces - lower than for metals, lower clamp forces required, lower rigidity therefore support may be needed to prevent deflection in some cases.
    • Tools - Keep sharp, ensure only the cutting edge contacts material, and ensure good swarf removal.
    • Coolants - Soluble oil types are generally suitable if required. Use only pure water or compressed air for PC, PEI, and PSU.

      Product Product Type Value
      ErtalytePETP Polyester20
      Ertacetal CAcetal20
      Ertayle TXPETP Polyester20
      Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene19
      Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene19
      Polystone UltraPE Polyethlyene18
      Polystone 7000PE Polyethlyene18
      Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethlyene18
      Polystone 8000+PE Polyethlyene18
      Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethlyene18
      Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethlyene18
      Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone16
      Ertalon 66SANylon16
      Ertalon 6PLANylon16
      Nylatron 703XLNylon16
      Ertalon 4.6Nylon16
      Nylatron GSNylon16
      Nylatron GSMNylon16
      Nylatron MC901Nylon16
      Ertalon LFXNylon16
      PlaytecPE Polyethylene16
      Polystone 300PE Polyethylene16
      Polystone 500PE Polyethylene16
      Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon16
      Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole16
      Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide16
      Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polythylene16
      Symait PVDFPVDF Polyviylidenefluoride16
      Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide16
      Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide16
      Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene16
      PPSU-1000PPSU Polyphenylenesulphone15
      PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone15
      Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone15
      PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide15
      Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene15
      Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide15
      Tetron HGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene14
      Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone13
      Ketron PEEK-CA30EK Polyetheretherketone13
      Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
      Ertalon 6SANylon12
      Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride12
      Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
      Polystone PPPP Polypropylene12
      Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene11
      PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate8
      Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene7

  • Thermal ExpansionOpen or Close

    This chart compares the "Coefficient of linear thermal expansion" shown as a factor m/m.k in the table. All materials expand with changes in Temperature. Thermoplastics expand considerably more than metals (e.g. Carbon Steel 10.8 (10)-6 compared to UHMWPE 200 (10)-6 ie. approximately 10 times more).

    Linear thermal expansion means the product will expand in all directions and this needs to be allowed for in design calculations. The calculation is: (given factor) x 10-6 x length x change in temperature °C.

    Product Product Type M/(MxK)
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene200
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene200
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene200
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene200
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene200
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene200
    PlaytecPE Polyethylene200
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene200
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene200
    Polystone PPPP Polyethylene200
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene180
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene136
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene134
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride130
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene125
    Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene120
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene114
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene112
    Ertalon 6SANylon90
    Ertalon LFXNylon80
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon80
    Nylatron MC901Nylon80
    Ertalon 6PLANylon80
    Ertalon 66SANylon80
    Nylatron GSMNylon80
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon80
    Nylatron GSNylon80
    Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride70
    Polycarbonate HardPC Polycarbonate65
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester65
    PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate65
    ErtalytePETP Polyester60
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone60
    PPSU-1000PSU Polyphenylenesulphone55
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon50
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone50
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide50
    Nylatron 703XLNylon49
    PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide45
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide30
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone30
    Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone30
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone30
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole25
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide25
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide25

  • StrengthOpen or Close

    Engineering thermoplastics vary in their tensile strength. The method for testing the tensile strength of plastics is the same as that of metal; using a "Dog-Bone" test specimen, and recording the yield point.

    Things to note when considering tensile or compressive strength – temperature, duration, speed, load and structural requirements. (Strength reduces as temperature increases, strength reduces as duration is extended.)

    Product Product Type Value
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole140
    Ketron PEEK-CA30PEEK Polyetheretherketone130
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide120
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone110
    PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide105
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon100
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon100
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide95
    Nylon GSNylon92
    ErtaylePETP Polyester90
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone90
    Ertalon 66SANylon90
    Ertalon 6PLANylon85
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon83
    Nylatron MC901Nylon82
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide80
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone80
    Nylatron GSMNylon78
    ErtalytePETP Polyester76
    Ertalon 6SANylon76
    PPSU-1000PPSU Polyphenylenesulphone70
    Ketron PEEK-HPVEK Polyetheretherketone75
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide75
    Ertalon LFXNylon70
    Ertacetal CAcetal68
    Nylatron 703XLNylon60
    Orkot C321 TLOrkot60
    Orkot C320 TLGOrkot60
    Orkot TLM (Marine)Orkot60
    Orkot TXm (low friction)Orkot60
    Polycarbonate HardPC Polycarbonate60
    PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate70
    Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride55
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride50
    Tetco VPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene36
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene45
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene28
    Polystone PPPP Polypropylene33
    Tetron HGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene25
    Polystone PG100PE Polyethylene24
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene45
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene16
    Polystone 8000PE Polyethylene23
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene45
    Tetron BLPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Polystone MatroxPE Polyethylene45
    Polystone Ezyslide 78PE Polyethylene20
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene45
    Polystone M-SlidePE Polyethylene20
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene20
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene45
    Polystone M-Flametech ASTPE Polyethylene18
    UniboardTimber Replacement18
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene14
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene17
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene17
    Tetron LGPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene11.7
    PlaytecPE PolyethyleneNA

  • Notch SensitivityOpen or Close

    Some grades of engineering plastics have exceptional impact resistance and very good load carrying capacity. However the performance of materials can be greatly compromised by incorrect design and machining parameters that result in sharp corners on finished parts.

    A sharp corner on a machined part can be a "weak" point where cracking will most likely occur. Sharp corners not only reduce the impact resistance of a part, but also allow for stress concentration to occur at that point. This will result in premature failure on load carrying plastic parts.

    Following correct design and machining guidelines is imperative, and even though minimising sharp corners may make the machining operation more difficult, it is crucial to long term application success.

    Edges of sheet materials used in glazing applications (eg. PC - Makrolon Polycarbonate) must also be free of sharp notches or cracks. Parts machined with sharp corners could eventually stress crack. Rounded corners are correct parameters for machining.

    Dotmar offer in-house technical support and thermoplastic applications advice. For correct design and machining guidelines contact our technical experts.

  • FlammabilityOpen or Close

    The Flammability Oxygen Index is an economical and precise quality control test of combustible materials. The technique measures the minimum percentage of oxygen in the test atmosphere that is required to support combustion.

    Product Flammability Oxygen Index
    Duratron PBI58
    Duratron T5530 PAI50
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAI45
    PPSU 100044
    Symalit PVDF44
    Techtron HPV PPS44
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAI44
    Ketron PEEK HPV43
    Ketron PEEK CA3040
    Ketron PEEK GF3040
    Ketron PEEK 100035
    Polysulphone PSU 100030
    Nylon Ertalon 66SA26
    Nylon Nylatron GS26
    Nylon Ertalon 6SA25
    Nylon Ertalon 6PLA25
    Nylon Ertalon 6XAU25
    Nylon Nylatron GSM25
    Nylon Nylatron MC90125
    Polyester PETP Ertalyte25
    Polyester PETP Ertalyte TX25
    Nylon Ertalon 4.624
    Nylon Nylatron 703XL20
    Acetal Ertacetal C15
    Polyetherimide PEI 100015

  • Electrical PropertiesOpen or Close

    Certain thermoplastics are good electrical insulators and offer freedom of design in electrical applications. This table is an indication of which engineering plastic will offer the best or worst performance when used in applications where electrical insulating properties is required.

    Please refer to the Technical section of the Dotmar website for explanations of the electrical properties of thermoplastics or contact Dotmar if you require specific technical data.

    • - Volume resistivity
    • - Surface resitivity
    • - Dielectric constant
    • - Dielectric strength
    • - Dissipation factor
    • - Arc resistance

    Please note: Electrical properties may also be changed by environmental conditions such as moisture and/or temperature.

    Product Product Type Value
    Tetco V PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene20
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
    Polystone PPPP Polypropylene11
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene8
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene6
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon6
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone6
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon6
    Duratron T5530 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide6
    PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate6
    Ertalon 66SANylon6
    PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide6
    Nylatron GSNylon5
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon5
    Ertalon 6PLANylon5
    Nylatron MC901Nylon5
    Ertalon 6SANylon5
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone5
    Ketron PEEK-GF30PEEK Polyetheretherketone5
    Techtron HPV PPSPPS Polyphenylene Sulphide5
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide5
    Nylon GSMNylon5
    ErtalytePETP Polyester5
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole5
    Ertalon LFXNylon5
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester4
    Ertacetal CAcetal4
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride4
    Tetron GPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene3

  • Fatigue ResistanceOpen or Close

    The behaviour of materials subjected to repeated cyclic loading in terms of flexing, stretching, compressing or twisting is generally described as fatigue. Such repeated cyclic loading eventually constitutes a mechanical deterioration and progressive material degradation. Failure life is defined as the number of cycles of deformation required to bring about the failure of the test specimen under a given set of oscillating conditions.

    Fatigue data are generally reported as the number of cycles to fail at a given maximum stress level. At high stress levels materials tend to fail at lower number of cycles and at low stresses the materials can be stressed cyclically for a greater number of times and in some cases the failure point is virtually impossible to establish.

    Two basic types of tests have been developed to test fatigue behavior in thermoplastics:

    • - Flexural Fatigue Test
    • - Tensile Fatigue Test

    For more information on Fatigue Resistance and Plastics, please contact your nearest Dotmar Technical Representative.

  • DensityOpen or Close

    Density is calculated by dividing the mass of the material by the volume and is normally expressed in g/cm3. Specific Gravity (SG) is defined as the ratio of density of the material to the density of water (1 g/cm3) at a specified temperature.

    A Specific Gravity of less than 1 means that the material will float in water.

    Product Measure Density
    PTFE Tetron Bg/cm33.9
    PTFE Tetron BLg/cm32.34
    PTFE Tetron HGg/cm32.27
    PTFE Tetron Gg/cm32.22
    PTFE Tetron Sg/cm32.18
    PTFE Tetron GRg/cm32.2
    PTFE Tetco Vg/cm32.17
    PTFE Ticomp Sg/cm32.1
    PTFE Tetron Cg/cm32.17
    Symalit PVDFg/cm31.79
    Duratron T5530 PAIg/cm31.61
    Ketron PEEK GF30g/cm31.51
    Polyvinylchloride Trovidur EN PVCg/cm31.47
    Ketron PEEK HPVg/cm31.45
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIg/cm31.45
    Polyester PETP Ertalyte TXg/cm31.44
    Techtron HPV PPSg/cm31.43
    Acetal Ertacetal Cg/cm31.41
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIg/cm31.41
    Ketron PEEK CA30g/cm31.4
    Polyester PETP Ertalyteg/cm31.39
    Ketron PEEK 1000g/cm31.31
    Duratron PBIg/cm31.3
    Orkot TLM Marineg/cm31.3
    Orkot TXM Marineg/cm31.3
    PPSU 1000g/cm31.29
    Nylon Ertaln 66GF30g/cm31.29
    Polyetherimide PEI 1000g/cm31.27
    Orkot C320 (TLG)g/cm31.3
    Orkot C321 (TL)g/cm31.3
    Polysulphone PSU 1000g/cm31.24
    Polycarbonate UVXg/cm31.2
    Nylon Ertalon 4.6g/cm31.18
    Nylon Nylatron GSMg/cm31.16
    Nylon Ertalon 6PLAg/cm31.15
    Nylon Ertalon 6XAUg/cm31.15
    Nylon Nylatron GSg/cm31.15
    Nylon Nylatron MC901g/cm31.15
    Nylon Ertalon 6SAg/cm31.14
    Nylon Ertalon 66SAg/cm31.14
    Nylon Ertalon LFXg/cm31.14
    Nylon Nylatron 703XLg/cm31.11
    Polyethylene Polystone M-Flametechg/cm30.98
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Playboardg/cm30.97
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Leisureboardg/cm30.97
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Saniboardg/cm30.97
    Polyethylene Polystone Ezyslide 78g/cm30.96
    Polyethylene Polystone P8000+g/cm30.96
    Polyethylene Polystone PG100g/cm30.96
    Polyethylene Polystone P500g/cm30.96
    Polyethylene Polystone P300g/cm30.95
    Polyethylene Polystone Cutriteg/cm30.95
    Polyethylene Polystone M-Slideg/cm30.95
    Polyethylene Polystone Fenderg/cm30.95
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Boatboardg/cm30.95
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000ASTg/cm30.95
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000g/cm30.93
    Polyethylene Polystone Ultrag/cm30.93
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000SRg/cm30.93
    Polyethylene Polystone Matroxg/cm30.93
    Polypropylene Polystone PPHg/cm30.92
    Polyethylene PE Uniboard Ecog/cm30.75
    Polypropylene Uniboard Standardg/cm30.65
    Polypropylene Uniboard Ultrastiffg/cm30.57/0.68

  • UV ResistanceOpen or Close

    Thermoplastics can be subject to degradation if environmental factors are not taken into account. Environmental conditions that could be damaging to plastics include exposure to UV, moisture, chemicals, temperature and oxidation. Not all grades of thermoplastics are suitable for outdoor applications. Materials that are not UV stable will change both in appearance and molecular structure when exposed to UV, and over time can become brittle, crack, change colour, warp etc.

    Careful consideration should be taken to ensure correct material selection for not only the application but also the environment in which the material is expected to perform.

    • - How long will the material / part be expected to last?
    • - To what extend or time period will the material / part exposed to UV? (eg. direct UV early morning/late afternoon or longer periods of exposure during the high risk UV times of the day.) What other environmental factors impact on the application?
    • - Exposure to other harsh environmental factors, (eg. water, temperature extremes, chemicals etc.) can impact on overall material performance and contribute to degradation.

    This table is a quick guide to assist with product suitability under normal working conditions with exposure to direct sunlight. If you have any questions about environmental effects on thermoplastics, please contact your nearest Dotmar office for assistance.

    (Standard grades of thermoplastics can be modified with UV stabilisers to increase UV resistant properties.)

    Product Resistance
    Acetal - ErtacetalYES - Black NO - Natural
    Ketron PEEKYES
    NOTE: Most unfilled, natural grades of nylon will eventually degrade upon exposure to UV.
    Carbon filled grades provide better UV stability and can be used in selected applications
    where UV resistance is required.
    Nylon Ertalon 4.6NA
    Nylon Eratlon 66GF30NA
    Nylon Ertalon 66SANA
    Nylon Ertalon 6PLANA
    Nylon Ertalon 6SANA
    Nylon Ertalon 6XAUNA
    Nylon Ertalon LFXNA
    Nylon Nylatron 703XLNA
    Nylon Nylatron GSNA
    Nylon Nylatron GSMNA
    Nylon Nylatron MC901YES
    Orkot C320 (TLG)YES
    Orkot C321 (TL)YES
    Orkot TLM MarineYES
    Orkot TXM MarineYES
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIYES
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAIYES
    Duratron T5530 PAIYES
    (PC is traditionally not UV stable. Dotmar's Polycarbonate
    PC sheet is a high quality, UV stabilised material.)
    Polycarbonate UVXYES
    Polyester PETP ErtalyteNO
    Polyester PETP Ertalyte TXNO
    Polyetherimide PEI 1000NA
    Natural polyethylene grades will degrade upon exposure UV. Discoloration will occur
    and material will become brittle. Black sheet provides better UV stability. Dotmar's Polystone
    black grades offer exceptional UV stability for the harsh Australian climatic conditions.
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex BoatboardYES
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex LeisureboardYES
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex PlayboardYES
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex SaniboardYES
    Polyethylene PE Uniboard EcoYES
    Polyethylene Polystone Ezyslide 78NA
    Polyethylene Polystone FenderYES
    Polyethylene Polystone MatroxYES
    Polyethylene Polystone M-FlametechYES
    Polyethylene Polystone M-SlideYES
    Polyethylene Polystone PG100YES
    Polyethylene Polystone P300YES - Black NO - Natural
    Polyethylene Polystone P500YES - Black NO - Natural
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000YES - Black NO - Natural
    Polyethylene Polystone P8000+YES
    Polyethylene Polystone UltraModerate UV Resistance
    Polyethylene Polystone PP-HModerate UV Resistance
    Polyethylene Uniboard StandardYES
    Polyethylene Uniboard UltrastiffYES
    Polysulphone PSU 1000YES
    Polyvinylchloride Trovidur EN PVCModerate UV Resistance
    PPSU 1000YES
    Techtron HPV PPSYES
    Tetron PTFEYES
    Tetron PTFEYES

  • Creep ResistanceOpen or Close

    Creep resistance can be defined as a material's ability to resist any kind of distortion when under a load over an extended period of time. For optimum performance and maximum lifetime, engineering plastics, which are subjected to long-term loading, should have a high creep resistance (ie. low plastic deformation under load).

    Creep behaviour is also one of the factors that limit the maximum application temperature of a material. This table is an indication of which engineering plastic offer the best or worst performance, with 1 = Best in terms of Creep Resistance.

    Product Product Type Value
    Ketron PEEK-HPVPEEK Polyetheretherketone1
    ErtalytePETP Polyester1
    Ertalyte TXPETP Polyester1
    Ertalon 66GF-30Nylon1
    Ketron PEEK-1000PEEK Polyetheretherketone2
    Ertacetal CAcetal2
    Duratron PBIPBI Polybenzimidazole2
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAIPAI Polyamide-imide2
    Ertalon 4.6Nylon2
    Ertalon 66SANylon2
    Ertalon 6PLANylon2
    Ertalon 6XAU+Nylon2
    Nylatron GSNylon2
    Nylatron GSMNylon2
    Nylatron MC901Nylon2
    Trovidur EN PVCPVC Polyvinylchloride3
    PEI-1000PEI Polyetherimide3
    PSU-1000PSU Polysulphone3
    Ertalon 6SANylon3
    PolycarbonatePC Polycarbonate3
    Ertalon LFXNylon4
    Tetron CPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene5
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene6
    Tetron BPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene8
    Tetron GRPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene12
    Tetron SPTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene14
    Polystone 7000SRPE Polyethylene14
    Polystone 8000+PE Polyethylene14
    Symalit PVDFPVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride16
    Polystone 7000PE Polyethylene18
    Polystone PPPE Polyethylene18
    Polystone UltraPE Polyethylene18
    Polystone 300PE Polyethylene19
    Polystone 500PE Polyethylene20