Steel Replacement

High performance thermoplastics have been proven to replace and outperform traditional metal counterparts such as bronze bushes, bronze bearings, phosphorous bronze, stainless steel sheet and rod and cast iron in a wide range of applications. Thermoplastics such as Ertalyte TX and HPV PPS are chosen for their value added features, cost reduction and with the focus on the environment, the argument of recyclability adds to the appeal of using plastics.

Benefits of Plastic Vs Metal:

  • Lightweight
  • Low friction and improved wear
  • No lubrication required - External lubrication result in problems with dust and grease build-up
  • Increased part life - Improved wear performance result in less down time. (Even better with internally lubricated grades such as Ertalon LFX, Ertalyte TX, HPV PPS etc...)
  • Dimensionally stable - Lower stress and more consistent properties
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Noise reduction - Significant decline in in-use noise levels and vibration. Reduces the need for sound insulation and dampening
  • High impact strength
  • Greater flexibility to machine and process
  • Easier to machine and process - Machining steel difficult and costly on tooling and machine wear
  • Cost effective for producing low volume projects
  • Low thermal conductivity - Keep heat in or out
  • Electrical insulating properties

Application Examples for Metal Replacement:

  • PEEK outperforms steel in high temperature, steam applications
  • PTFE perform better in corrosive chemical environments
  • PE and lubricated grades of NYLONS offer exceptionally low co-efficient of friction and are the ideal alternative in high wear and sliding abrasion environments
  • Machined Nylatron GSM sheaves offer an ideal replacement to traditional steel sheaves. Weight is reduced, rope and sheave life is extended and the need for lubrication eliminated. The long term cost savings allow the maintenance budget to be stretched further.
  • Bushes and gears machined from nylon require no lubrication, has excellent wear resistance and smooth operation.