Injection Moulding

If you product requires volume production then one of the most economical ways is through Injection moulding.

Dotmar plastics can start of the process by creating for you an initial prototype of your product by either our CNC milling process or by creating a 3D prototype by means of 3D printing. Once you are happy with your finished product we can then arrange for the manufacture of the tooling. The tooling would always remain the property of the client and held with us until such times you, the customer, request to have it returned.

A tooling trial will then be undertaken and a sample product from this trial will be shown to the client for final checking and approval. The final process would be to provide you with competitive product pricing and once an order is received, arrange delivery to you of the finished goods.

Please note that an initial minimum production run of 10,000 parts would be required from the placement of the first order and a minimum of 5000 parts thereafter.

Please contact your local Dotmar branch for more information on 1800 170 001.

  • Economical volume production
    We can arrange manufacture of tooling