Performance Pyramid

Advanced Engineering Plastics

DURATRON PBI, DURATRON PI and DURATRON PAI for top performance! Characterised by an extreme temperature resistance (up to 310┬░C continuously), these materials perform where others would fail. DURATRON PBI, DURATRON PI and DURATRON PAI are suitable for both structural and friction and wear applications.

Semi-crystalline AEPP like KETRON PEEK, TECHTRON HPV PPS, TETRON and PVDF typically offer a combination of excellent chemical and mechanical properties, also at elevated temperatures. SEMITRON® ESd 225 is a static dissipative acetal grade and SEMITRON ESd 500 is a static dissipative reinforced PTFE grade.

Amorphous AEPP like PPSU, PEI and PSU exhibit an outstanding retention of their mechanical properties up to the glass transition temperature and excellent electrical properties. Additionally, their food compatibility and resistance to hot water or steam offer great possibilities for structural parts in the medical, pharmaceutical and dairy industries. SEMITRON®ESd 410 is a static dissipative polytherimide grade.

Engineering Plastics

Semi Crystalline Engineering Plastics like ERTALYTE PETP, ERTALON PA, ERTACETAL POM, POLYSTONE 7000 and 500 are characterised by their high mechanical strength, hardness, toughness, excellent fatigue properties, sliding and abrasion resistance. Amorphous Engineering Plastics like POLYCARBONATE PC offer typical values consistent with impact resistance, clarity and ease of handling in mechanical safety applications, construction and signage.

Industrial Plastics

Semi Crystalline commodity plastics POLYSTONE PP, POLYSTONE HDPE 300 and LDPE offer a combination of chemical resistance, ease of fabrication and process ability in fluid handling, storage, distribution and mechanical handling.