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UHMWPE (also known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Sheet and Rod products are manufactured from the semi-crystalline polyethylene (PE) family. Polystone UHMWPE Sheet has a minimal molecular weight of 9 million which has a positive impact on material performance in an abrasive environment.

Polystone UHMWPE Sheet is available in various grades of material depending on the application requirements. Polystone grades available are Polystone 7000 (a virgin grade white UHMWPE sheet and rod product), Polystone 7000SR (a black static reduced sheet and rod product), Polystone 7000 Ultra (a green filled grade of sheet and rod) and Polystone 8000 (glass filled UHMWPE Sheet with a molecular weight of almost 10 million).

Advantages of UHMWPE Sheet and Rod:

UHMWPE properties ensure that this plastic material is very light, extremely tough, chemically resistant and has excellent wear resistance.


UHMWPE Sheet and Rod grades available:

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