Uniboard is a recycled plastic flat sheet marine ply alternative panel construction industry. Uniboard combines the advantages of plastics and timber: low weight, easy to handle and water resistant. Uniboard is ideally suited in applications of moisture where traditional timber materials such as plywood, marine plywood and marine ply are susceptible to rot.

Uniboard marine ply replacement materials low weight, very low moisture absorption, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance and machinability allow this product to be used across a wide range of timber replacement applications including for acoustic sheet.

Key Benefits:

    Good strength to weight ratio


    Low maintenance

    Will not rot or swell

    UV resistant

    Environmentally friendly

    Will not swell, rot or delaminate

    Mould and bacterial growth resistant

    Long wearing

    Easy cleaning non-stick surface

    UV resistant (suitable for outdoor use)


    Horse trailer side walls, tail gate & tack box

    Upholstery supports

    Stable partitions

    Feed troughs

    Battery boxes

    Industrial flooring

    Sound insulators

    Animal enclosures

    Construction of irrigation channels

    Floats and animal trailer linings

    Signage and display boards

    Concrete casting release boards

    Wall linings

    Marine applications

    Anti-graffiti walls

    Greens and garden edging

    Storage bins

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