Polystone PG100

Polystone PG100 HDPE sheet is a PE100 pipe grade HDPE sheet exhibiting outstanding properties that deliver tangible benefits to the fabrication industry through the degauging of HDPE sheet materials, improved chemical resistance & environmental stress crack resistance over PE80 HDPE sheets.

Polystone PG100 sheet (Pipe Grade) is approved for chemical engineering and tank building and meets the strict requirements set for pipe-grade HDPE sheet. Offering peace of mind in terms of performance and safety, Polystone PG100 is the logical choice.

    Key Benefits:

  •             100% weld integrity with PE100 pipe
  •             Superior, long term material strength
  •             Exceptional weld strength
  •             Degauge material from PE80 and standard HDPE
  •             Construction of higher tanks
  •             Superior acid resistance
  •             Improved environmental stress cracking resistance – up to 100 times better than standard HDPE sheets
  •             Shorter welding times and easier bending of thinner sheets
  •             Weatherproof with exceptional UV stability


  •         Tanks
  •         Vessels
  •         Flanges
  •         Waste water parts 
  •         Pipe fittings
  •         Pit covers

Sheet Colours: Black

Standard Sheet Size: 3000x 1500


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