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Polycarbonate Sheets, Panels, Rod & Tube

Polycarbonate Sheets, Polycarbonate Rod and Polycarbonate Tube is a premium quality ‘see through’ polycarbonate material typically used in the fabrication of guarding in safety guarding, sight glass high impact applications.

The properties of Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheets, Makrolon Polycarbonate Rod and Makrolon Polycarbonate Tube make it tough, easy to handle, easily fabricated and formed, and easy to machine into parts or panels.

Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet is unique for its impact resistance and its shock-load resistance. It is literally sledgehammer proof. Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet is clearly the right choice for glazing where there is potential for glass breakage. These applications include schools, public buildings, transportation centres and in areas where high traffic and vandalism is prevalent.

Makrolon Polycarbonate Advantages:

Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheets are an excellent product for safety and security applications. They are light-weight and has 250 x the impact strength of glass.

Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet Products:

  • Makrolon Polycarbonate GP - General purpose
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate UV - UV protected both sides
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate AR - Abrasion resistant
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate Hygard - Glazing & Bullet resistant
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate FG - Suitable for food contact and medical applications

Key Features and Benefits of Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet and Rod Products:

  • Excellent impact resistance (250 times stronger than glass)
  • Very good optical properties
  • Ability to be cold formed in thinner gauges
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Self extinguishing
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • UV resistant

Applications for Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheets and Rods:

  • Safety and vandal resistant glazing
  • Machine guards
  • Sight glasses
  • Safety visors
  • Roof structures
  • Correctional facilities
  • Security applications
  • Electrical components

More information on our Polycarbonate Products:

Makrolon ® is a registered trademark of Covestro AG

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