Characteristics of Plastics

    The plastic materials performance pyramid is an easy to use, at a glance material selection guide. It ranks the most common thermoplastics according to their temperature performance and strength.

    Plastics can be broken into two ‘families’ – Amorphous and Semi-Crystalline. From there, four grades can be identified – commodity, engineering, high performance and imidized.

    Commodity Amorphous Plastics Characteristics: Commodity Semi-Crystalline Plastics Characteristics:
    · Low temperature resistance · Low temperature resistance
    · Low strength · Low strength
    · Good bondability · Good chemical resistance
    · Good machinability · Low cost
    · Low cost · Bonds poorly
    · Machines poorly

    Engineering Amorphous Plastics Characteristics: Engineering Semi-Crystalline Plastics Characteristics:
    · Moderate temperature resistance · Moderate temperature resistance
    · Mid-strength · Mid-strength or stiffness
    · Good dimensional stability · Low friction
    · Good impact resistance · Good wear resistance
    · Easily fabricated

    · Good chemical resistance

    High Performance Amorphous Plastics Characteristics:    High Performance Semi-Crystalline Plastics Characteristics:
    · High temperature resistance · High temperature resistance
    · High strength · High strength
    · Good stiffness · Excellent chemical resistance
    · Resistant to hot water and steam · High purity
    · Thermoformable · Electrical properties
    · Structural

    Imidized Plastics Characteristics:
    · Best physical properties above 204ºC
    · Best temperature resistance
    · High load bearing capabilities
    · High wear resistance
    · Good chemical resistance
    · Maintains strength and stiffness

    Plastics Performance Pyramid