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Density of Plastics

Density is calculated by dividing the mass of the material by the volume and is normally expressed in g/cm3.

Specific Gravity (SG) is defined as the ratio of density of the material to the density of water (1 g/cm3) at a specified temperature.

A Specific Grafity of less than 1 means that the material will float in water.

alt   Product Name Measure Density   alt
    PTFE Tetron B g/cm3 3.9    
    PTFE Tetron BL g/cm3 2.34    
    PTFE Tetron HG g/cm3 2.27    
    PTFE Tetron G g/cm3 2.22    
    PTFE Tetron S g/cm3 2.18    
    PTFE Tetron GR g/cm3 2.2    
    PTFE Tetco V g/cm3 2.17    
    PTFE Ticomp S g/cm3 2.1    
    PTFE Tetron C g/cm3 2.17    
    Symalit PVDF g/cm3 1.79    
    Duratron T5530 PAI g/cm3 1.61    
    Ketron PEEK GF30 g/cm3 1.51    
    Polyvinylchloride Trovidur EN PVC g/cm3 1.47    
    Ketron PEEK HPV g/cm3 1.45    
    Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAI g/cm3 1.45    
    Polyester PETP Ertalyte TX g/cm3 1.44    
    Techtron HPV PPS g/cm3 1.43    
    Acetal Ertacetal C g/cm3 1.41    
    Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAI g/cm3 1.41    
    Ketron PEEK CA30 g/cm3 1.4    
    Polyester PETP Ertalyte g/cm3 1.39    
    Ketron PEEK 1000 g/cm3 1.31    
    Duratron PBI g/cm3 1.3    
    Orkot TLM Marine g/cm3 1.3    
    Orkot TXM Marine g/cm3 1.3    
    PPSU 1000 g/cm3 1.29    
    Nylon Ertalon 66GF30 g/cm3 1.29    
    Polyetherimide PEI 1000 g/cm3 1.27    
    Orkot C320 (TLG) g/cm3 1.30    
    Orkot C321 (TL) g/cm3 1.30    
    Polysulphone PSU 1000 g/cm3 1.24    
    Polycarbonate UVX g/cm3 1.2    
    Polyurethane g/cm3 1.20    
    Acrylic g/cm3 1.20    
    Nylon Ertalon 4.6 g/cm3 1.18    
    Nylon Nylatron GSM g/cm3 1.16    
    Nylon Ertalon 6PLA g/cm3 1.15    
    Nylon Ertalon 6XAU g/cm3 1.15    
    Nylon Nylatron GS g/cm3 1.15    
    Nylon Nylatron MC901 g/cm3 1.15    
    Nylon Ertalon 6SA g/cm3 1.14    
    Nylon Ertalon 66SA g/cm3 1.14    
    Nylon Ertalon LFX g/cm3 1.14    
    Nylon Nylatron 703XL g/cm3 1.11    
    Polyethylene Polystone M-Flametech g/cm3 0.98    
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Playboard g/cm3 0.97    
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Leisureboard g/cm3 0.97    
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Saniboard g/cm3 0.97    
    Polyethylene Polystone Ezyslide 78 g/cm3 0.96    
    Polyethylene Polystone P8000+ g/cm3 0.96    
    Polyethylene Polystone PG100 g/cm3 0.96    
    Polyethylene Polystone P500 g/cm3 0.96    
    Polyethylene Polystone P300 g/cm3 0.95    
    Polyethylene Polystone Cutrite g/cm3 0.95    
    Polyethylene Polystone M-Slide g/cm3 0.95    
    Polyethylene Polystone Fender g/cm3 0.95    
    Polyethylene PE Nuvex Boatboard g/cm3 0.95    
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000AST g/cm3 0.95    
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000 g/cm3 0.93    
    Polyethylene Polystone Ultra g/cm3 0.93    
    Polyethylene Polystone P7000SR g/cm3 0.93    
    Polyethylene Polystone Matrox g/cm3 0.93    
    Polypropylene Polystone PPH g/cm3 0.92    
    Polyethylene PE Uniboard Eco g/cm3 0.75    
    Uniboard g/cm3 0.70    
    Polypropylene Uniboard Standard g/cm3 0.65    
    Polypropylene Uniboard Ultrastiff g/cm3 0.57/0.68    
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