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Cut To Size Plastics - Plastic Sheet


Dotmar offers a complete plastic sheet cut to size  service for Plastic and Polyurethane Sheet, Rod and Tube at all distribution locations across Australia and New Zealand.

The latest digital plastic cutting equipment is utilized throughout our branches to ensure that the accuracy and squareness is maintained when cutting plastic sheet and plastic rod.


Our distribution locations all have the expertise to accurately cut to size plastic sheet and rod across a broad range Engineering Plastics and Polyurethanes.

Plastic sheet and rod such as Ultem PEI, Acrylic, Makrolon Polycarbonate PC, Nylon (Ertalon), Acetal (Ertacetal) are all easily Cut To Size by our trained staff. Other cut to size plastics by Dotmar include PTFE, PVC and HDPE (Polystone P300), Polystone UHMWPE and other exotic plastics like Vespel on a regular basis.

If you would like further information on our Cut To Size Plastic sheet and rod cutting service or you are looking to learn how to cut plastic sheet or rod then do not hesitate to contact our staff.



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Cut to Size Plastics